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Why sitting too much is so bad for your health

Most of us are spending too much of our day sitting, either at the office or at home after work, and the effects on our health are shocking. Sitting too much causes the amount of calories you burn to be very low, blood flow is reduced, insulin becomes less sensitive, LDL increases, and your life span shortens. Watch the below short video to learn more:

So what can you do to minimize these harmful effects?

The solution to sitting too much is outlined in the below video. Basically, you want to consistently break up your sitting periods. Some of the tips they include are using an exercise ball as a chair, getting up for five minutes every hour while at work, drink lots of water so you have to go use the rest room, walk to colleagues to ask questions instead of emailing or texting, and stand up during phone calls.

Other tip I can think of is while at home watching TV get up during commercials to walk around your house, grab a glass of water, or walk in place. If you need a reminder to get up every hour, set an alarm on your phone.




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