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Top anti-inflammatory spices to eat every day

Take 5 minutes to watch this video from Dr. Mercola who breaks down a study regarding anti-inflammatory spices.

It is important to eat low-inflammatory foods every day because Inflammation is the root cause of most chronic diseases! 

The great thing about this study is that it measured anti inflammatory effect of spices found in peoples blood when consumed in normal amounts that you can eat when just adding the spices to your food, not in mega doses or pill forms.

The study found that the top 4 spices that have a significant anti-inflammatory amount by comparing tumor necrosis factor levels, which is a pro inflammatory cytokine found in our body are:

1. Rosemary

2. Ginger

3. Turmeric

4. Clove

Read Dr. Mercolas full article here for additional foods that are anti-inflammatory.

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