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Positive Affirmations and positive self talk to aid in weight loss

I am reading a book by Shad Helmstetter, Ph.D. called “What to say when you talk to your self.” The book is about positive affirmations and positive self talk to help you achieve your goals and changes you want to make in your life. The book touches on many topics but I will summarize here what is relevant for weight loss.


In my diet I talk about the important of getting your mind on the same page of your goals so it helps you in reaching your goals rather then hinder you with negative thoughts of failure.

  • “How successful you will be at anything is tied to the words and beliefs about your self that you have stored in your subconscious mind”
  • Nothing you read once is permanent. Success lies in constant reinforcement. You have to repeat these positive affirmations daily to make a lasting change.
  • Self talk is a way to override our past negative programming by replacing it with conscious, positive direction. It is a way to live by active intent rather than passive acceptance.
  • You want to avoid Negative Acceptance,  which works against us and is characterized by “I can’t” “If only I could” or “I wish i could but i can’t.”
  • Also avoid this kind of self talk: “I need to…,” “I ought to..” and “I should…” It sounds like it can work for us but it actually does not because it creates no solution. The unconscious end to that sentence is ” I should….. but i am not” which is negative self talk.
  • The way you should talk to your self: “I am …” it is present tense and you paint a new picture of your self, of what you want to be, and erasing all past negative talk. It is self activating, the past problem is turned around to create ongoing daily success and stirs us to action. An example is “I am happy healthy and slim!”


Below are some examples of specific positive affirmations to aid in weight loss you can say to your self daily in front of the mirror. You can say to your self more than one, just repeat them daily, and slowly until they get internalized.

  • Your self talk should be simple, to the point, and use explicit and direct wording. it must also deal with every facet of of the problem or goal you are working on. Give your self precise commands and complete direction.

1. I am in control of my self in every way – at all times and in all situations.

2. Whether eating in or eating out, I really enjoy eating less.

3. I never feel the need to finish the food in front of me. I eat only what I should – and not a bite more.

4. One way to lose weight thats easy and works, is less food on my plate and less on my fork!

5. By ordering less when I eat out and by serving my self smaller portions at home, i keep my self aware of the importance of staying with my goal- each and every day.

6. What I eat, and the goals I reach, are up to me. I give no one the right to hinder or control my success.

7. I am never, at any time, tempted to take one bite more than I should. I am strong, I am capable of reaching my goal, and I am doing it!

8. Being in situations that put a lot of food in front of me, is not a problem to me now. I simply say “No!” to the food and “Yes!” to my success.

You can print the below picture and stick it on your mirror and repeat daily :)  positiveaffirm copy

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