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Healthy and pretty party ideas

Who says parties have to mean breaking your diet? Here are some awesome and beautiful ideas to use at your next gathering that are dietitian approved. All the images were found on pinterest, search the site for more ideas.


Fruit and Veggie table – Make a spread using the above picture as inspiration. They decorated the table with vegetables like brussels sprouts, cabbage, and artichoke. They served fruit skewers, watermelon cubes topped with feta, veggie sticks with assorted dressings, fresh mozzarella and tomato cups, and yogurt parfait shooters in shot glasses.


Summertime Sun Ice Tea – Served in mason jars over ice with fruit. The tea was pre brewed. Get recipe here. Great alternative to soda and juice.


Grape poppers – The recipe uses vanilla Candiquick coating (found in target and walmart) and chopped pecans, but melted chocolate and any other nuts would work as well. Get recipe here. They also have a caramel version on the site.



Pistachio Melon Cake – cantaloup, honey dew, and watermelon layers on the inside. But can also be made with just watermelon. The coating is coconut cream. Get recipe here.



Raspberry bites – Stuff raspberries with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, and yogurt chips. Source. & source.





Nuts in single serving  – Serve roasted and candied nuts in paper cups. Get recipe here.


Watermelon on a stick – a great alternative to traditional ice-cream on a stick.



Veggie & Dip Shooters – Dollap dressing on the bottom of a shot glass and fill with veggie sticks. To make an even healthier dressing/dip use a ranch seasoning packet and mix with plain greek yogurt.



Yogurt parfait in mason jars – Sweeten plain yogurt with some agave and top with nuts, granola, coconut shaving, and fruit. Get recipe here.





Melon ball cups – Ball watermelon, and melons and serve in an emptied citrus cup.


Mouse Radishes – How cute are these? The source website is in french, but a radish is almost a mouse, the only thing it needs is ears which are made of sliced radish, and eyes which can be drawn on with edible marker.


Cookie Cutter Fruit Salad – Use cookie cutters to cut larger fruit like watermelon, and melon. Mix with berries. You can also serve individually with a decorative toothpick on a tray. Source


Cherry Favors – snip the top of glassine bags with scalloped scissors and fill with cherries. Great as a party favor for the guests.

source great article with lots of party ideas. Via Martha stewart.


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