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The Hunger Scale – when to eat, and how much to eat




I always say never wait until you are so hungry that you over eat at your next meal and more likely to choose unhealthy fatty foods. This will cause you to reach that stuffed, uncomfortable food coma, stage which you want to avoid as well.

Look at the above picture, you always want to stay in the green area. You do that by listening to your body. Eat when you are beginning to be hungry to avoid over eating. Wait 15 minutes before serving seconds, and have healthy high protein, high fiber snacks between meals to curb hunger.

When you learn how to eat only until you are satisfied, you will see how nice it is to not feel overly full, and feel light and ready to continue the day. You will never want to eat until that point that you are uncomfortable and almost sick. So eat a little less than you usually would and wait ten to fifteen minutes and see how you feel.